At Hine Solicitors we understand that the loss of a loved one is difficult. We provide our clients with a professional and thorough service in a friendly and supportive manner. We understand that no one case is the same and offer different service levels to suit you.

Fixed Fee

If you would like us to assist in obtaining the Grant of Representation only, then we offer to complete this on a fixed-fee basis so that you know precisely how much it will cost you. We would deal with all steps for you up to obtaining the Grant.

The fixed fee ranges between £1,750 plus VAT to £5,000 plus VAT depending on several factors, including:-

(a) Whether or not the deceased left a Will
(b) The size and extent of the estate (for example if there are a large number of   shares/bank accounts/investments)
(c) Whether or not Inheritance Tax is payable and whether the Inheritance Tax can be realised easily from the estate.

Hourly Rate

If you would like us to deal with the administration of the estate in its entirety then we would undertake this for you on an hourly rate basis. Each estate is different but, depending on the complexity of the matter,  and the amount of work involved, we estimate our fees for dealing with the entirety of the administration range from £2,500 approximately 10 hours  to £48,000 approximately 160 hours plus VAT.    If the estate is protracted or if other issues/assets/information/family dynamics come to light during the administration then the estimate may need to be revised and could exceed 160 hours.

The hourly rate of fee earners in the department are currently (as at February 2023) as follows:-

  • Partner – £300 plus VAT
  • Associate Director – £285 plus VAT
  • Senior Solicitor – £275 plus VAT
  • Associate Solicitor – £250 plus VAT
  • Legal Executive – £250 plus VAT

All our costs are subject to VAT which is currently 20%.

Other costs

These are sums payable to third parties (known as “disbursements”). You can expect the following to be payable in most estates

(a) Grant of Probate Court application fee – £273 plus £1.50 per sealed copy of the Grant
(b) Notices for creditors (also known as Section 27 Notices) – between £200 and £300
(c) Land Registry fees – £3 plus VAT per property
(d) Bankruptcy Searches – £2 plus VAT per beneficiary

In some cases Inheritance Tax may also be payable. There are a number of reliefs and allowances which may apply to your case, as well as differing options for the payment of Inheritance Tax. We will advise you on this and guide you through this process.

There may also be other sums payable, for example, to estate agents, surveyors, accountants and other professionals involved in the administration.

These costs do not include the fees or disbursements for the sale of any property in the estate. This is charged separately and our property team will be pleased to assist you and provide a quote for their services.


The time it takes to deal with each estate is different and depends on a number of factors, such as, the complexity of the matter, the size and extent of the estate, whether or not Inheritance Tax is payable, the terms of the Will and family/beneficiary dynamics. On average you can expect the estate to be dealt with between 6 months to 2 years. Once the probate application is submitted it can take approximately 16 to 20 weeks to obtain the Grant of Representation and a further 16 to 24 weeks thereafter to gather in the assets (current timescales issued by the government due to Covid backlogs). It may take longer to market and sell any property in the estate.

Any further questions?

If you would like to know more then please call us. We will be pleased to have an initia free 15 minute consultation with you to go through the estate, establish how we can assist you, and answer any initial queries you may have.


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