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Family law

Family relationships can be a minefield, whether it’s a husband and wife, a civil partnership, a cohabiting couple or even an about-to-be-married pair. When the relationship isn’t going well, it can be an emotional time. Friends can be a great support when you have relationship problems, but to ensure you resolve the situation, so both parties can move on, you’ll need an expert.
Going to a lawyer is often daunting – it seems like a big step and the cost can be frightening; you’ll find our family law team are compassionate and will offer straightforward, sensible advice.

Whatever your family issue you can count on our family law team to be on your side. We can help you in all the following areas:

Fixed fee meeting

New clients are offered a fixed fee initial meeting of up to one hour for only £100 + VAT. That will ensure you know where you stand and come away with a clear picture of what needs to happen next and what it is likely to cost. You’ll find taking action will also take a load off your mind.

Mediation and resolution

Our family solicitors are all members of a national organisation called Resolution. This means that they’re committed to non-confrontational resolution of family breakdown issues.

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