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Prison law

First things first – if a loved-one is in prison they are going to need experts that put their interests first. Being imprisoned is stressful and daunting for both the person who has been sentenced and also for their friends and family. The feeling of isolation can be overwhelming.
Whatever they have been sentenced for, knowing there is a firm of professional solicitors to guard their interests will keep a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you instruct our specialist solicitors you’ll find they will visit your family member or friend who is in prison, listen to them, represent them and challenge the authorities’ decisions, when needed.

Your loved one will get clear expert advice and representation, whether they’re a long term prisoner or on remand. Find out more about:

Know your rights

The right to liberty is even more fundamental to those serving a sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP). Those who are subject to these sentences will however still need to fight for the right to Parole. If someone in your family is in the situation they will need a specialist to help make a strong case.

Sentencing issues

Sometimes the sentence handed down by the Court is not what appears on the prison’s record. If you or the person who is in prison think the sentence being served is wrong there is help available to challenge it.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid (subject to a means test) may be available so that you will not have to pay for our advice. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid there are private payment options that can be discussed.

How can we help? Request a callback about prison law...

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