Personal Injury

Accidents happen – at work, on the roads, in public places. All too often, the result is injury, inconvenience and financial loss. If your injury or illness was caused or made worse by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.
A successful compensation claim may help improve your quality of life. By understanding the complete picture, we can make sure that any compensation takes into consideration your future care needs, any medical treatment and any future loss of earnings.
Our aim is to get the best compensation for you and to keep legal costs low.

Why Choose Hine?

Free initial assessment

If you’ve been injured, get in touch to talk about your claim. If we believe your case is worth pursuing, we will outline different funding options. We may offer a conditional fee agreement (no win no fee). With this there is no risk to you. We can talk about how this works in practice.

Experienced Specialists

Your personal injury claim will be handled directly by a designated, specialist solicitor, not call centre staff. We offer a sympathetic service and realistic advice tailored to your situation. Find our nearest office and make an appointment today.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and support with my case since it started. You have always provided a high quality of service by being very professional, efficient and friendly.
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