The old saying ’Where there’s a Will there’s a way,’ is so true.  Without a Will the rules of Inheritance apply. These are complicated and can leave your family not properly provided for.  The time taken to establish who inherits what can leave your family in limbo for an extended period.

A well-drafted Will takes the risk out of what happens to your property and possessions:

  • You choose people you trust to carry out your wishes
  • You select Guardians for your children who will care for them
  • You decide who gets what and who looks after your children’s assets until they’re 18
  • You make sure your partner is provided for

Best of all – you will have peace of mind.

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Providing for your partner

Partners don’t necessarily inherit.  If you’re not married then a partner may not get anything if there’s no Will. If you’re married and have children then your spouse will only get the first £250,000 these days your home is probably worth that – or more.

Looking after your loved ones

If anything should happen to you, who would look after your children? Who would take on the care of your pets?  Most of us expect our children to have grown up by the time we pass on, but tragedy can strike. Wouldn’t you feel better to know that your children will be looked after by people of your choice?

Reducing Inheritance Tax

Good advice on how to manage your assets can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your heirs will have to pay. Our solicitors will discuss your circumstances and assets to ensure you and your loved ones are protected and provided for.


Certainty is the National Will Register and Will search service. If you instruct us to draft your will we will register your Wills on Certainty free of charge if you are happy for us to do so – click here for more information.

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