LPA for business

Running a business is usually challenging, with daily decisions, people to meet, staff to manage, suppliers to deal with – so what happens if you’re not around for a while?

If you suffer long term mental incapacity an application would have to be made to the Court of Protection to appoint someone to act on your behalf.  In the interim period your business could suffer due to being unable to pay bills or salaries.

Our specialist solicitors can help you to draw up you LPA and certify you have the mental capacity to make it. They’ll also deal with the registration and signature process for you. Just complete our enquiry form or contact your nearest Hine Solicitors by clicking here and we’ll discuss how to protect your business.

Choosing a safe pair of hands

If you can’t run your business due to an accident or illness, you want to ensure that you have the right people in the driving seat. With a Business LPA you can choose someone you trust to keep your business on the path you’ve set.

Ensuring stability

When you are out of action it can make your trading partners nervous.  Contracts can be cancelled, loans called in, accounts frozen or leases terminated. A Business LPA reassures everyone and allows someone to negotiate and discuss issues on your behalf.

A business LPA lets you:

  • Appoint attorneys to act on your behalf within the business
  • Provide guidance and information to attorneys on decision making
  • Place checks on which decisions they can make and how and when they make them
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