Transfer of equity

When you want to change the ownership of your property, don’t risk losing any part of your valuable asset just because you didn’t get the right advice.

Adding or removing someone from the title of the property is known as ‘transfer of equity’. It might seem like a straightforward procedure, but there are many complexities lying in wait for you.

Our property solicitors will be able to advise you on the best method to carry out your intentions and ensure that the paperwork and protections are in place.

If you want the transfer to go smoothly you’ll find a chat with one of our property team will put your mind at rest. Click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors and give us a call.

When an owner is leaving

When your home is part of joint assets in a separation or divorce, it’s often the case that one person buys the other out.  This requires a name removing from the title – and there are some financial and legal issues that need addressing before this can be completed.

Adding an additional owner

If you meet a new partner and want to change the ownership of your home to become joint owners, you’ll need good advice.

This will ensure you get a fair agreement as well as ticking all the legal ‘boxes’.

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