Judicial review

It’s not unheard of for unlawful decisions to be made by Government departments such as the Parole Board, Secretary of State and HM Prison service.  The problem is that prisoners often feel that they have no choice, but to accept any decisions handed to them.

Our Judicial Review team was developed precisely for this reason. They can provide advice regarding decisions made and advise when it’s possible to challenge a decision.

If you, or a loved one, are concerned about the decisions that have been made, please get in touch to discuss the situation. Click here to contact your nearest Hine Solicitors.

Prisoners do have rights

If your loved one feels they have been unfairly treated whilst serving a prison sentence, it’s easy to think that there is nothing that can be done about it.  However, sometimes there is action that can be taken so, if you feel that an unfair decision has been made, don’t just accept it.

The process

Our specialist team will review the situation, examine the details and advise on whether they think there are grounds to challenge the decision. They will then progress the application for Judicial Review to the High Court. They will also advise if Legal Aid funding is available and, if not, offer competitive fees for our services.

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