Categorisation and sentence planning

At the time of sentencing a Sentence Plan should be completed that describes the activities that the prisoner will carry out during their term in prison and on licence.  This is aimed at reducing the likelihood of them being tempted to reoffend by helping them to prepare for resettlement when they’re released.

Prisoners are categorised and this will dictate the type of prison they are in during their sentence. If you have a loved one in prison who is coming up to a categorisation review our expert team can assist with making a strong case for a downgrade in security status. Getting the right advice at the beginning of you the sentence may be the deciding factor in getting released earlier.

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Why is sentence planning important?

The Sentence Plan is the foundation for a person’s progress through the prison system. It helps to avoid serious harm and focus on their release and going back to a normal life when they are free to do so.

The impact on the release

Engagement in a Sentence Plan can help to get a prisoner categorised at a lower level. If successfully completed it may improve a prisoner’s application before the Parole Board. Ultimately, downgrades in category status and completion of a Sentence Plan can result in progression through the Prison System. For those subject to the Parole process resolution of Sentence Plan issues early on may have an impact on a Parole Board’s decision to release.

The cost of review

This issue is not covered by Legal Aid, at present. Access to justice is important and our legal specialists offer competitive private fees to make help affordable.

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