If a loved one is facing adjudication in prison they may receive an additional 42 days to their sentence. Having experienced legal experts to represent them means they are less likely to be penalised unfairly.

If the prison Governor decides that the charge is so serious that it is a risk to keeping order and control in the prison, or is putting the safety of others at risk, this will be dealt with as an independent adjudication. These are heard before a District Judge.

With our legal advice the client will be advised whether the adjudication process has been carried out properly, the evidence and witness requirements explained clearly. A legal representative will attend to represent the prisoner at any independent adjudication and will put forward the case to the District Judge.

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What is an adjudication?

This is a disciplinary hearing held within a prison as a result of an allegation that a prisoner has broken prison rules.  The type of hearing is dependent upon the seriousness of the prison rule broken.  Hearings are either held in front of a Prison Governor or before a District Judge.

Legal Aid

Depending on a means test, Legal Aid is automatically available for Independent Adjudications. If you don’t qualify our private fees are competitive and provide the peace of mind of having highly experienced specialists on your side.

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