Standard of driving offences

Whether you drive long distances or just take short trips locally, it’s almost impossible to have a faultless driving record. The pressure of busy roads and other drivers’ behaviour can result in an error of judgment.

If your error is spotted by the police you could be prosecuted, depending on what you’ve done wrong.

Whether you’ve been accused of careless driving, dangerous driving or  driving without due care and attention you can find yourself in court facing imprisonment, a fine, disqualification and or points on your licence – or worse.

If you want the best chance of avoiding undue penalties call our Motoring team contact us now. Find your nearest Hine Solicitors by clicking here.

Notice of Intended Prosecution

If you receive a Notice of Prosecution, it’s wise to get expert guidance. Get in touch with our Motoring team and you can rely on us for help.

Your case is unique

The penalty the Court imposes is not a simple calculation, but based on the facts of your case and your personal circumstances. To present these well you’ll probably need professional help.

The Law v. the facts

Your defence can be based on the facts or on the Law – or both. Our solicitors will analyse your case in detail.

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