It may sound cut and dried – you exceeded the speed limit so you get points or disqualification but it isn’t always the case. We can look at signage, temporary speed limits, misused equipment and other ways to argue your case.

Convictions not only carry fines and points, or a disqualification but an endorsement can result in your insurance premiums increasing – often dramatically. We can help you to avoid endorsements or disqualifications where possible.

If you’ve been caught speeding do get in touch and let our team of motoring experts give you the best chance of saving your licence.

Too many points

If you get 12 or more points in a three year period you can be disqualified for six months. If losing your licence would cause you or others hardship you need to put forward your strongest case – you’ll only get one opportunity to do this.

Who was driving?

When more than one person drives your vehicle it can be difficult to work out who was driving when an offence took place. Before your complete any paperwork talk to us so we can discuss your case.

New drivers

For the first two years after passing your test, your limit is just six points – then your licence will be revoked and you have to start all over again – theory and practical tests, from scratch. Some offences carry a minimum of six points – if you think you may be penalised for a traffic offence it’s really important to get legal advice before your case goes to court or you accept a fixed penalty.

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