Alcohol and drugs driving

Everyone knows that you should not drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but nobody is perfect and the influence is often what induces us to think we’re OK.

You don’t have to be staggering and slurring your words to be considered to be ‘over the limit’. You may feel fine, but still register over the prescribed alcohol levels. That’s when you need someone on your side.

If you plan to argue against your prosecution, the chance of you missing a vital piece of information is high if you aren’t familiar with the system.

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The penalties can be high

The minimum disqualification is usually 12 months but may be more. This is as well as a fine, a community order or even a prison sentence. It’s not worth risking your freedom by failing to get expert advice.

Testing your limits

If a police officer suspects you may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs they can ask for a sample of your breath, blood or urine. Failing to comply is an offence in its own right.

Special reasons

You can plead guilty, with special reasons to traffic offences.  This means the magistrates can use their discretion in imposing the penalty points or a disqualification. Special reasons can include spiked drinks, medical emergencies and shortness of distance.

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