Pre and post nuptial

If you are looking at protecting your assets or ensuring that, should you and your partner separate, you have financial security a Pre or Post Nuptial agreement may be a sensible option. You’ll get the best chance of your pre or post nuptial being accepted if you have both:

  • Fully disclosed your financial assets
  • Received legal advice
  • In the case of pre-nuptials, signed the agreement at least 28 days before your wedding
  • Given information that is honest, clear and freely given

A Court is more likely to uphold an agreement that provides clear financial arrangements for both parties and any children.

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A positive statement

At present there is no requirement for the Court to uphold a pre or post nuptial, but it is moving towards accepting that it’s a sensible way for both partners to be clear on financial arrangements should you separate later on. You’ll find our solicitors stay right up-to-date.

Know where you stand

Pre-nuptials ensure that both partners are clear on where they stand in the event of the marriage breaking up.

Protect your assets

Many couples bring different assets to a marriage, particularly when marrying later in life or on remarriage. Some people can feel that a post-nuptial agreement indicates that they don’t trust their partner – but a willingness to enter a post-nuptial agreement can actually show how much you care.

Post-nuptials can be created to address separation, divorce or the death of either partner.

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