Financial provision

Going through divorce is difficult and emotional; one of the biggest issues is the finances and assets. Who gets what? What seems to be fair to one partner may seem grossly unfair to the other.

Financial issues in relation to divorce are complicated and need to examine assets, income, property, pensions and investments. We have a wealth of knowledge on matrimonial finances to help and support you through this difficult time.

You can be sure that, whether your separation or divorce is amicable or not, you’ll get the advice and legal support that will ensure you don’t struggle financially at any stage. Our first approach is negotiation and agreement, but we can advise on injunctions and emergency orders to freeze assets if necessary.

Don’t put your future at risk – complete our enquiry for or find your nearest Hine Solicitors and call to discuss your financial situation.

The family home

Usually whoever is looking after any children gets to stay in the family home – but that’s not always the case. You can be confident that, with one of our specialist solicitors on your side, you’ll get the advice you need and expert negotiation skills to ensure the best possible outcome.

Caring for the children

When money is under discussion things can get heated – and it’s essential that the children’s needs now and in the future are taken care of. This is where our solicitors can help to mediate and negotiate a positive solution.

The issue of Pensions

Pensions often form a substantial part of an individual’s capital assets and can be very complex. You’ll find that our team work closely with special independent financial advisors and pension actuaries to make sure you get expert advice.

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