Co habitation

Living together as a ‘Common law’ husband and wife doesn’t give you the same legal rights, as you would have if you were married. One in six couples choose not to marry, but to live together instead. If you’re cohabiting you’ll find our solicitors will offer expert advice to ensure you’re both clear about your legal situation.

You can be confident that we stay up-to-date with the frequently changing law governing cohabitation. You’ll get sensitive and caring advice whether you want to set up a cohabitation agreement or deal with disputes within a relationship or at its end.

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Cohabitation agreements

Similar to a pre-nuptial agreement this is designed to avoid disputes later on. It’s important, especially where financial contributions to a home differ and will be designed for your specific situation.

Relationship breakdown

If you are thinking of separation the law for cohabitees is complex, especially if you have children. It’s essential to get legal advice before you go any further – to protect everyone involved.

Protecting the children

When you have children it’s important that they know they’re important to both of you. To prevent them from being caught in the middle of a legal argument you’ll need expert advice.

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