Property disputes

Your property is often your most valuable asset. Property disputes can often be unpleasant and highly complicated. It is important to ensure you instruct an expert who can help you resolve your dispute efficiently and effectively whilst minimising the fuss and stress involved.

No matter what your property dispute, it’s important to obtain sound legal advice at the earliest opportunity, before the costs rack up. Often negotiation or mediation will produce the best solution, but if your case has to go to court we’ll be with you all the way. Having assessed your position we will recommend how best to achieve a swift resolution bearing in mind the commercial realities of the situation.

Our specialist solicitors can help with:

Boundary disputes

Disputes with your neighbours can be a nightmare. Misunderstandings over property can make your home life unpleasant and even effect your health. Disputes over boundaries have to be sorted out so that everyone can move on.

Landlord & tenant disputes

As house prices spiral upwards, more and more people are renting rather than buying their homes. Sometimes problems arise. Has your tenant not paid their rent? Has your landlord failed to maintain the property?
Whether residential or commercial we can help with:

  • Possession claims and evictions
  • Claims for unpaid rent
  • Damage/disrepair claims
  • Disputes over deposits and deposit protection

Party Walls

A party wall is the wall between your house and your neighbour’s house in a terraced or semi detached home. The Party Wall Act 1996 regulated modifications to property which involved significant changes to this wall. If you are considering works at your property which affect the Party Wall then you need to follow the procedure set out in the Act. Likewise if your neighbour is undergoing works and has not informed you in accordance with the Act then you should get in touch.

Adverse possession

Often referred to as ‘squatters rights’. If someone can prove that they have been in exclusive occupation of a property for more than 10 or 12 years (depending on land) they may be entitled to take possession of that property.

Whether you would like us to make a claim on your behalf or act on your behalf when a claim has been made against you, we are here to help. Acting quickly is key to the outcome so get in touch as soon as possible and we will take you through the process and advise on your chances of success.

We can also help with rights of way, rights of light and other land-related disputes.

Home ownership disputes

Major problems can arise for unmarried couples in relation to home ownership if no written agreement is in place. What happens if the relationship fails and one party wants to stay put in the house? The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA) will sometimes provide a solution, but the law in this area is complex which is why you need us on your side.

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