Crown court

The Crown Court deals with the most serious criminal offences. If you find yourself faced with a matter before the Crown Court your first priority should be to ensure that you have the best legal representation.

If you have an experienced solicitor to guide you through the very complicated process you may be able to avoid or mitigate very serious consequences for you and your future.

It doesn’t matter what the charge against you is, our solicitors and barristers are an experienced advocacy team who deal with every offence in the criminal spectrum and who have dealt with a number of significant and high profile cases.  You can be sure you will be getting the very best legal minds on your case.

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Working with a criminal solicitor

When you instruct our crime team you will be allocated both a caseworker and one of our specialist advocates who will work with you to make sure your defence is prepared and presented to the highest standard. The minefield of legal jargon, procedural rules and sentencing guidelines will be explained to you clearly by people who really know their subject and who can help you to understand it too.

Don’t delay

Cases can be heard in quite a short timeframe – so if you are advised that your case will be heard in the Crown Court, you may only have a few days to prepare. Progress will be expected at the very first hearing so you should contact us immediately to ensure that you are fully advised before making what could be a life changing decision.

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