Business Crime

If as an individual or a company you face a criminal investigation or prosecution, it can be a difficult period. We are here to help and can advise you on a number of areas such as:

Cash Seizure

For individuals in the Magistrates’ Court who are subject to cash seizure and forfeiture proceedings. We can also assist in preparing and presenting cases to argue that money seized has come from a legitimate source and we regularly make applications to the Court for the return of the money.

Restraint Orders

For individuals who are subject to restraint as a result of a criminal investigation or connected third parties who are not subject to investigation but face restraint, we can advise on challenging the imposition of a Restraint Order or making applications to vary the Order.

Confiscation Proceedings

For individuals subject to confiscation proceedings following an application by the Crown Prosecution Service under the Proceeds of Crime Act. This can be a complicated process and requires specialist advice as the repercussions of an Order can be significant.

Tax & VAT Fraud

For individuals and companies subject to tax evasion or VAT fraud proceedings. These are often, complex serious cases but we have strong links with accountants and other experts in this field who will assist in preparing your defence in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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