Property purchase and sales

Buying and selling property may appear to be pretty straightforward, but, especially with commercial premises, there can be all kinds of complications.

  • Do you need planning permission for change of use?
  • Is your purchase subject to VAT?
  • Are you taking on any environmental concerns or responsibilities?

… and these are just a few of the issues that you’ll need expert advice on as a purchaser.

If you’re selling you’ll benefit from the friendly expert advice a legal property solicitor can provide you with. It will ensure you get the best deal and that everything goes smoothly.

To get expert guidance and knowledge at every stage of your property transactions please call us. Just click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors.

Buying a commercial property

Whether it’s a freehold or leasehold property you’ll need to ensure it really fits your needs. With the right legal advice you’ll get all the legal requirements examined before you part with your deposit.

Whether you’re buying your property through your Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP), looking for a mortgage or buying a business where a property is a major part of your assets we will be able to act and advise on your behalf.

Selling commercial premises

Being prepared and having the legal paperwork ready for when you accept an offer can give you a head start. Thereafter you need to make sure your solicitor efficiently deals with all legal enquiries promptly to take away the stress it makes sense to get a commercial property solicitor on your team as early as possible.

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