Mortgages and security

Business premises are a substantial outgoing, whether you buy or lease. If you’re looking for a commercial mortgage or need to provide security against your lease, you’ll find it’s a lot more complicated than buying a residential property.

Commercial mortgages have Paperwork with a capital ‘P’ attached! Choosing the right lender and ensuring you navigate the documentation successfully is a specialist job.

Whether you need advice, guidance or support our team of legal property experts will help to protect your interests. Just click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors and call us without delay.

Mortgages for commercial premises

Commercial lenders are generally more demanding and may need additional security. You’ll need advice to ensure you don’t agree to terms or liabilities that will be difficult to fulfil.

Security agreements

Lenders can ask for security and may suggest various options.  It may be a legal mortgage, a Debenture over your company’s assets or a personal guarantee from the Directors of your business. Every organisation is different and you’ll need intelligent advice tailored to your specific business to make the right decision.

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