Landlord and tenant

What’s the difference between a lease and a licence? Who is responsible for the building, the insurance and the utilities under the terms of the Lease? Who decides on what the property can be used for?

For both tenants and landlords there’s far more to a commercial property lease than simply signing the contract and moving in.

Whether you’re a commercial landlord or you’re planning to lease your business premises you can get peace of mind with a specialist in property law in your corner.

If you need help in preparing and negotiating leases, subleases, assignments and licences then call us. Click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors phone number.

Commercial landlords

A building is an asset and you’ll want to ensure that it’s protected properly. A contract created specifically for your needs will secure your asset and help you to avoid tenants who default on the rent giving you cash flow nightmares.

If you need an expert to negotiate the agreement so you get the best possible arrangement talk to our property team.

Leasing a business premises

When you find a business premises that really fits your needs that’s only the first step. Agreeing a contract that gives you security and flexibility is essential so you don’t find yourself trapped in a long term agreement when your business outgrows the premises.

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