When you’re considering redundancies you’ll need expert advice to ensure you stay within the law and avoid expensive claims later on.

There are many reasons for making roles redundant, but it is the role that is made redundant, not the individual, so it cannot be an excuse for getting rid of poor performers. You will need to prove that the role will no longer exist.

Redundancy may be because:

  • You have people who were employed to carry out work that is no longer required or has been automated
  • The work an employee carried out has been relocated to a new location outside reasonable travelling distance
  • Work has reduced and fewer people are needed to carry it out

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The redundancy process

This is a series of structured steps and must include:

  • A period of employee consultation
  • A fair selection procedure
  • A dismissal process
  • Consideration of redundancy payments

If you don’t follow any part of the process you could be open to unfair dismissal claims and end up paying high compensation.

Protect your business

Consulting one of our solicitors who is experienced and knowledgeable in the field of redundancy means you follow best practice. It also ensures you won’t miss any part of the process and will protect your company from claims and time wasted in tribunal attendance.

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