Employment contracts and general advice

Employing people is subject to many statutory requirements including the contract, the policies and procedures for your organisation, staff handbook and much more.

Whether you’re employing your first member of staff or you have hundreds already there is a mass of employment legislation to negotiate. Despite living in an electronic age – there is still ‘paperwork’!

Our specialist employment solicitors can give you practical legal advice on your contracts, policies and other day-to-day employment issues.

If you want a particular job done – like drafting a contract – or you’re looking for an ongoing advice service contact us to explore what will work best for you.

Watertight contracts

When you offer someone a job with your organisation it’s important that both sides are clear on the terms of engagement.

A well-constructed contract can save problems (and expense) later on. If there are any challenges the contract may have to stand up to legal scrutiny so it makes sense to have a solicitor to draw it up. Our team can ensure you don’t miss any issues you may be unaware of.

Policies and procedures

It’s a legal requirement to have policies in place for a wide range of areas relating to employment from health and safety, through discrimination, maternity and paternity and discipline and grievance. They don’t have to be complicated, but do need to cover all your legal obligations.

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