Disciplinary action

Taking disciplinary action or dealing with an employee grievance can be like walking on eggshells. Even experienced HR practitioners can find them challenging.

The first step is to ensure you have a clear process that covers all the legal requirements. This should outline what is acceptable behaviour at work – and what is not. It should be clear that action will taken – and what that action will be – if someone steps outside the rules.

If you need help with drafting your Disciplinary or Grievance policy or advice on its application please get in touch with our employment team. It could save you from future claims for compensation.

The ACAS Code of Practice

We ensure Disciplinary and Grievance procedures follow the ACAS Code of Practice. A written Disciplinary and/or Grievance Policy must be available to all staff too.

A structured fair process

There are levels of misdemeanour, from poor performance to gross misconduct and the process should allow for a series of steps to deal with each circumstance.

Depending on the transgression the process can be entered at different stages. Knowing what is legally fair is essential – even in the heat of the moment when it seems simpler to just terminate that person’s contract.

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