Unfair dismissal

No-one wants to hear the words ‘You’re fired’, especially if you feel it’s not a fair dismissal.

If you’ve been sacked without due process being followed or you can’t see why you’ve received your marching orders, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal.

To protect your reputation and take steps to control what may be said about you in future it’s wise to get professional advice.

To ensure you explore your options you’ll find our team of friendly legal experts are ready to help. Just click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors and call us without delay.

When can I claim unfair dismissal?

If you’ve been employed for two years or more there are many situations where you can claim unfair dismissal. These are just a few that apply if you’ve worked for your employer for two years or more. If you’re

  • Sacked for poor performance, without discussion or being given the chance to improve
  • Given notice for being absent due to sickness or performing poorly due to ill health
  • Unfairly selected for redundancy
  • Dismissed without a good reason

Employed for less than two years?

Even if you haven’t been with the company for two years there are some situations where you can still claim unfair dismissal. The law provides special protection for employees involved in whistle blowing or discrimination issues.

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