Discrimination claims

Have you been treated unfairly at work? You may have been discriminated against and it’s not a nice feeling.

If so, you need to get professional advice so you can make a claim and get the situation put to rights.

Our team of employment solicitors will provide you a sympathetic hearing and give you practical and legal advice. In some cases it may be that an informal word with your employer is all that’s needed to resolve the situation.

When your case needs to go to a Tribunal you can get all the support and advice that you need from our employment specialists to make your case.

Find out where you stand – fill in our online enquiry form or just click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors number and give us a call.

Discrimination for many reasons

Direct discrimination can be because you’ve been treated unfavourably because of sex, age, race, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy or maternity.

Indirect discrimination may be related to a set of circumstances being imposed that creates unfairness for one person or a group of people.

The law says …

The Equality Act 2010 is there to protect employees and an Employment Tribunal can fine your employer if they are found to have practised discrimination.

There are severe penalties if they are shown not to have taken reasonable steps to prevent discrimination.

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