Holly Burton


Specialist area: Crime
Tel: 01242 256696
Email: hollyburton@hinesolicitors.com
Date of joining Hine Solicitors: 03 September 2019

Accreditations/member of:

Duty Solicitor / Accredited police station representative

What do you like best about your job?

Without a doubt my favourite aspect of my job is the level of engagement with people from such a wide variety of backgrounds. Unfortunately you never know when you may need a Criminal Solicitor and I strive myself on my compassion and dedication to each and every case I deal with, as I appreciate the fact that we often deal with people during extremely sensitive and emotional times of their lives. I enjoy the fact that my assistance can really make a difference and offer knowledge and support during these difficult and overwhelming periods which I hope in turn will make the process slightly easier for my clients and their family.

Why did you become a solicitor?

Other than the fact that I watched Legally Blonde and thought I would like to spend my days carrying around a small dog in my handbag!

In truth I always wanted to be a Criminal Solicitor because I like to argue! I have only ever wanted to be a Criminal Solicitor which is why I know I give 100% dedication to every single case I deal with.