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Military law

Are you a member of the Services based in the UK or abroad? Are you being investigated or charged with an offence by the Service Police?
If so, you’ll need legal representation. As a member of the Forces any matters that are scheduled to take place in the Service or civilian courts could affect your Service record. In either case your career could be on the line.

In some more serious cases you could end up in jail unnecessarily. You’ll find our expert military solicitors can navigate you through the legal waters in both Service and civilian police station and courts. Our success rate is exceptional so you can be confident you are in the hands of experts.

We are also pleased to offer a 10% discount to Service personnel. If you’re facing charges click here to find your nearest Hine Solicitors number and  our military will help.

Legal representation

All Service personnel, regardless of rank or income, are entitled to a solicitor free of charge in an interview conducted by Service police or prosecuting authorities at home or abroad.

Legal Aid Funding

If you are charged with a military offence you may also be entitled to legal aid funding for your military law case by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA). In this instance you have the opportunity to choose your own military solicitor for representation; don’t leave it up to the authorities to decide for you, choose one of our experts in Military Law.

Experienced in Military matters

Whether you are being interviewed by Service police or prosecuting authorities, or facing proceedings before the Summary Appeal Court, Service Civilian Court or Court Martial, anywhere in the world, our experienced team of solicitors has an impressive reputation for providing first class legal services and will work closely together to ensure you get the very best level of representation.

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