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Which Motoring offences service do you need?

Motoring and traffic offences

If you’ve found yourself involved in a traffic offence, don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s a straightforward process; it could have longer term effects than you think.

  • If you’ve been asked to attend a police station for an interview after an accident, it can be intimidating
  • If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving or because you’re suspected of driving under the influence of drugs, you’re going to need help
  • If you’ve been stopped for speeding and told you’ll be fined and get points on your licence you need to check your situation – you could find you lose your licence

There are many motoring offences and you need a specialist on your case. Our motoring solicitors can help you with your defence, mitigation or present special reasons that can help you to keep your licence or reduce the length of your disqualification.

Contact your nearest Hine Solicitors by clicking here to make an appointment and find out more about:

Defending your licence

If you’ve received a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a Court Summons, it can be worrying, but don’t think you have no options. That’s when you need to discuss the case with an expert – and our team of solicitors are here to help.

Protecting your livelihood

Adding points to your licence or losing it altogether can have a far reaching impact on your job, your family and more. Don’t just accept what may appear to be inevitable.

Specialists in motoring issues

Seeing a solicitor is good sense when you’re involved in a motoring case: seeing a specialist in motoring offences gives you an edge.

How can we help? Request a callback about motoring and traffic offences


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