Potential problems with low cost wills


Anyone can set themselves up as a Will writer.  As a result the costs of making a Will have been driven down and the market is full of helpful and cheap services.  However, the bargains often mean that less care and attention is paid to the individual circumstances of those making Wills.  Situations which require more complex advice, drafting and actions are ignored or not understood.  The defective Will then becomes an inevitable timebomb.

A well drafted Will provides peace of mind.  At Hine our experienced solicitors always take extra care to ask the right questions to make sure that our clients’ Wills fulfill their aims and provide security for loved ones.  We know and understand the problems that can occur down the line when an estate is being administered.  Other Will writers do not pay the same attention.  They simply obtain basic information and complete the template.
The cost of chaos and a badly drafted Will runs into £1000s in lawyers’ fees.  The cost of having an unwanted professional executor can be similarly ruinous.  The difference between getting a well drafted Will and something potentially disastrous is a couple of hundred pounds.  Sadly you pay for what you get and by saving money on the Will you could be blowing a fortune.
The following article shows the importance of thinking carefully before trusting Will writing services that do not deliver anything but further costs and heartache.

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