Medical defences to criminal offences


Last week Catherine Zeta Jones allowed a once not spoken about illness to be the subject of many tweets and discussions.  Bipolar 2 disorder, for which she is undergoing a 30 day residential rehabilitation placement was at last acknowledged as being an illness which can now begun to be understood.

Irrational behaviour leading to police intervention, which once may not have had an explanation, may now be explained by mental illness.  It is, therefore, very important that any potential medical defence to criminal offences are properly investigated. We at Hine Solicitors instruct the right medical experts to explore whether uncharacteristic behaviour is down to a medical disorder that was previously undiagnosed.  Why give yourself a criminal conviction when you have a proper defence to a criminal charge?

We have a team of experienced criminal lawyers who can help you help yourself.  If you would like to discuss this article, or require assistance at Court or at a police station, please call Debra Williamson on 01895 443317 or by e-mail


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