European Traffic Police Network Campaign


“European Traffic Police Network Campaign started on Monday 18 April and will finish on Sunday, April 24. Thames Valley Police will carry out checks throughout the force area and drivers who are caught speeding will be issued with anything from a Fixed Penalty Notice to a summons to attend Court.”


HINE Solicitors are in full support of this important initiative.  However, it only takes 12 points within 3 years to be disqualified from driving for at least 6 months.  The imposition of penalty points or a disqualification may not always be justified.  There are potential defences, special reasons, and mitigation arguments that may be deployed to defend your licence.


Should you fall foul, or have concerns about the health of your driving licence, give our specialist team of Road Traffic Lawyers a call on 01753 482400 and see how we could help you.


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