Child Contact


Children’s rights to see both parents after separation are often in the spotlight.

Tim Loughton, Children’s Minister, asked for the law regarding child contact to be reviewed and has stated that there is a duty to ensure that one parent was not “pushed out” of their child’s life. Mr Loughton has prepared a report on the issue.

At this stage it appears unlikely that changes to the family justice system will go as far as to make a presumption that children will have equal contact with their parents.  Mr Loughton said “The concept of ‘shared parenting’ after a break-up often gets confused with the idea of equal time that a child spends with each parent.”

The family justice review panel has declared the current law should not be changed.

It is expected that Ministers will respond to the report shortly.

If the issues in this article affect you, we would recommend you speak to one of our family law experts.

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