Beware: Dating during divorce


Beware: Dating during divorce

Starting a new relationship whilst going through a divorce could mean that your entitlement to the marital assets may be less says a High Court judge, Mr Justice Mostyn. This may be the case even if you are not yet living together with your the new partner.

Mr Justice Mostyn made the comments during a recent case where the wife had commenced a new relationship during the resolution of financial matters between her and her husband. The judge decided that he should take into account the wife’s new relationship and awarded her less than he would have if she was single.

The reason for this is that the Judge felt the wife’s financial future would be secured because a natural progression of her new relationship would be to set up home with her new partner.

Each case is decided on its specific facts however, this case goes to show that spouses should be careful when entering a new relationship before the legal end of their marriage – it may affect the division of matrimonial assets.

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